Alien UFO Crash Site Easter Egg In GTA Online Gunrunning Mission! (GTA 5 CHILIAD MYSTERY)

Alien UFO Crash Site Easter Egg In GTA Online Gunrunning Mission! (GTA 5 CHILIAD MYSTERY)


Thanks to Guru WetNips and the whole Guru team.
Special thanks to Polivias for his global enforcer!


Chiliad Mystery Guru…

Chiliad Mystery Guru Team

TGF Guru: Tadd


Right so anyway, some details that I promised.
So basically this mission, I’m gonna call it the “Alien Egg Gunrunning Supply Run Mission” (AEGSRM?) (NOT the official name FYI!)
All of the code for it was found by us in the gb_gunrunning.ysc (script) and some in freemode.ysc also…
Here is everything related to case 20 (the “AEGSRM”)
So basically the gb_gunrunning script is for the supply run missions. Case 0-19 are all regarding assets for other supply runs. But case 20 holds the key to this alien_egg mission… if a certain global variable is set between 0-20 it will load the corresponding mission. Having that global reach a value of 20 however, in the code (as we chased it from the gb_gunrunning script to freemode and the other various securoserv app scripts), seemed to have an element of randomness or chance. Meaning it would be something rare if we spawned it.
It also links to a tunable which is something R* can alter on their end. Meaning they could activate this mission maybe, or even increase the chances of us spawning it.
Instead of waiting though, we just forced that global variable to 20 and then started a supply run as usual. This made the game think that whatever previous things that needed to happen to make it 20, had already occurred and the mission was loaded as it should be.

So what does this mean and where do we go from here?
Well there are still some unanswered questions… like what makes this mission spawn naturally? Is it just a very rare supply run you get by chance? Or is there some elaborate sequence of things we have to do beforehand? How does the imp_prop_ship_01a (undamaged version of the UFO) tie in to this? Is it shot down? Did we miss this that part? xD Also why is recording blocked in that area in both MP and SP?
These are all questions we are now attempting to answer!!
Also we are very much looking forward to what could possibly come next and be added to SP mode!!

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